Goody Woody the Cowboy Teddy


The Cowboy Teddy is an inspirational mentor for young children, here to help you teach your children truthfulness, co-operation, gentleness and other character qualities. Each story contains examples of how to guide, acknowledge or correct your child using the encouraging and empowering language of the virtues. read more

The Trousers of Truthfulness and subsequent stories were created by Geoff and Michaela Smith a Cornish headteacher and his wife who were inspired to help children strengthen their characters.

'Your work is terrific – and so badly needed. I'm deeply cheered by what you are doing, knowing that in a corner of Cornwall, education is proceeding as it should. How lucky your pupils are'.— Alain De Botton

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Geoff Smith and his wife, Michaela, created the Cowboy Teddy Series, which highlight the importance of character qualities such as truthfulness. “Children often have episodes of telling fibs and it can be difficult and upsetting for parents to deal with. We have provided parents with a fun, interactive and nurturing way of exploring truthfulness with their children.

Interactive E-Book/App

The Trousers of Truthfulness



The Trousers of Truthfulness is an enthralling inter active experience designed to strengthen good character in young readers.

Meet Goody Woody the Cowboy Teddy and his little brother Jack. Why have all the cookies vanished , is Jack the culprit? Will the Magical Trousers help Jack to practise truthfulness in this delightful tale.

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More App/Books on the way:

The Coats of Co-operation

A rainy day is a good day for chores, but Goody's little brother wants to play instead.
Jack learns that when you work together, the work gets done
and it's lots of fun!


The Ties of Tidyness

When Jack invites his friends over to play , he learns that orderliness goes hand in hand with creativity.